Investor relations

Fund’s objective is to create value for investors by investing in renewable energy and related infrastructure within the European Union. By investing in “INVL Renewable Energy Fund I”, you are contributing to the transformation of the energy sector – the transition from fossil fuels as the primary source of electricity generation to renewable sources – solar, wind, etc. The fund allows you, as an investor, to achieve individual ESG goals or implement individual sustainability initiatives with the ability to measure their impact – reducing CO2 emissions, creating jobs, and stimulating economic growth.

Investing in projects of various sizes in Poland and the Baltic States

Investment period –
4 years

Standardized portfolio criteria:
long-term electricity sales contacts, PPA;
inflation-protected feed-in tariffs, CfD;
standardized production technology.

Sale of portfolio within 1-3 years
after the investment period

Attractive size for large institutional investors.
Long-term, easily predictable cash flow.
Economies of scale due to management cost optimization.
Potential premium due to portfolio size.

Why renewable energy?

Everyone can contribute to environmentally-friendly action. Trivia such as responsible consumption, energy-saving, and responsible waste sorting turned into habits will ensure that environmental traditions are passed on to future generations. An even more effective step towards a sustainable and clean future – is investing in renewable energy.

By investing in renewable energy with our available capital, we contribute to increasing the well-being of society and “greening” the environment while at the same time generating a competitive return for investors.

In 2019 December, the Council of European Union announced a “Green Deal” intending to become the world’s first environmentally neutral continent based on a circular economy. Given the objectives pursued and the scale of the investment required, the EU is prioritizing green investments in the Union’s budget and is seeking to mobilize at least 1 trillion EUR for this purpose. The fund’s strategy is consistent with these developments.

Currently, the most common investments are in solar and wind farms. In the near future, however, we will see investment in energy storage and hybrid farms that combine both wind and solar generators.

What are the prospects for renewable energy in the EU and Poland?

High natural gas prices in 2021 showed that it will not be easy to replace coal in the Polish electricity generation balance. Accordingly, this means that the country is more dependent on the price of CO² emission allowances in the European Union. Reduction of the supply of new permits by the regulators, the high price of gas, and the “green” policies in the EU are likely to maintain the cost of CO² emissions at a high level. From the perspective of REFI’s operations, the current market situation provides favorable opportunities to take advantage of the increased demand for long-term electricity sales contracts (PPAs) from renewable energy sources.


Renewable energy in EU: 5 year perspective

Development of new solar power capacity, GW


Development of new wind power capacity, GW

The rapid development of renewable energy is determined by:

  • the rapid growth of renewable energy due to EU climate change programs;
  • the emerging long-term electricity sales contracts (PPAs) and electricity price guarantee financial contract (CfDs) auction system;
  • renewable electricity sales contract becoming a liquid financial product.

Stable long-term returns

Attractive 11+ percent projected net return (net IRR), which can help hedge against low-interest rates, rising inflation, and other adverse economic scenarios.

In order to reduce investment risk, investments are made in the European Union (EU) markets, where the development of renewable electricity is promoted by ensuring a stable and predictable environment for investors and where the practice of long-term electricity purchase contracts is popular and projects can be developed through risk diversification.

In order to attract more green investment to their countries, EU countries are organizing or planning to organize auctions of planned electricity quotas, providing independent investors with a return on investment protection for a period of 15-20 years.

Please note that the investment return projections of a collective investment undertaking are based solely on the views of those directly and / or indirectly involved in the management of that collective investment undertaking and do not in any way guarantee future results. All investment-related risk of loss is borne by investors.


Interested in investing in “INVL Renewable Energy Fund I”?

In Lithuania, the fund’s units are distributed by the financial brokerage company “INVL Finasta”, the minimum investment amount is 125 thousand EUR. The duration of the fund is 7 years. “Invalda INVL” group, together with the sub-fund’s partners, will invest 1.3 million EUR in this sub-fund.

Contact by email [email protected] or tel. +370 700 55959.



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